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Our Services

Medical Billing Services

HMS USA aims to provide up-to-date and highly advanced medical billing service that is submitting and looking into the claims with health insurance companies to receive payment for services given by a healthcare provider. HMS USA has also introduced a translating service that simplifies and facilitates; this system interprets healthcare services into a billing claim.

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Telemedicine Billing Services

Our services are highly cost-saving, and they are competent to fulfill the patient's needs at any time and place. Tele-medicine services vary sharply based upon their specialty and features.  A surgeon can also employ telemedicine to perform post-operation checks to ensure that the wound is not infected and has become grievous. With the help of this feature, surgeons can perform normal health care operations.

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Provider Credentialing

Before billing the insurance carrier, the provider must be certified by the page based on history and qualifications. Credentialing or certification is the process with the help of which a health insurance carrier tests a provider's qualifications and eligibility based upon past performance and competence. This process takes time; here, HMS USA credentialing services also assist their clients by collecting all the requirements and processing them to save time and resources.

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Medical Coding Services

Are you in need of processing your data by employing specific medical codes? HMS USA also affords medical coding services along with other benefits. Our talented team will work on processing look into your claims dispatched to health insurance companies for reimbursement. Our team of medical coders will formally assess clinical statements and designate standard codes using CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II classification systems.

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Patient Engagement Services

Every departmental enterprise is required to have a front office or reception to welcome and receive visitors in this world. The front office serves as the face and inclusive voice of a business. It also serves as a common nexus between the customers and the company. HMS USA enables clients to manage their data in a soothing environment efficiently. Our front face is attributed to the aspect of improving customer experience with the business.

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Out Of Network Billing Services

We ensure that our billing system carefully looks into the claims denied and rendered active as soon as possible. HMS USA opts to various levels of appeal resolution. We work efficiently to timely and promptly posting of money and monitoring reimbursement. We precisely interpret posts insurance and patient payments to retain maximum refund—specialized knowledge of payer negotiation for billing of freestanding ER's and Micro-hospitals. We are ready to negotiate vehemently on your behalf, thereby scaling up your revenue.

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