Who we are

HMS is an end-to-end revenue cycle management service provided to enable healthcare facilities to attain better patient outcomes. We offer services to independent practices, specialists, single or multispecialty groups, hospitals, nursing homes, emergency centres, and medical billing companies. You will get operational efficiency or financial independence.

Our medical billing, coding, or revenue cycle management services ensure practices in achieving better practice growth. We bring financial stability and improve patient outcomes, bringing in profitability. We ensure you greater scores under the latest MIPS/MACRA rules, enabling you to add better patient outcomes. When you provide better patient outcomes, you will gain better incentives in a value-based healthcare model. Offering you comprehensive solutions so you can focus on operational efficiency.

Our staff consists of business strategists, revenue cycle consultants, clinical coordinators, compliance officers, and IT specialists to provide you with the best ever services.

Delivering you comprehensive medical billing services under one roof.

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