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Enhance the financial health of your aging care practice with our proficient geriatric billing services.

Geriatric billing

At HMS USA, we are on a mission to support geriatric healthcare providers on the path to financial freedom.

Smartly Manage Your Geriatrics Medical Billing with HMS Service

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As a geriatric healthcare provider, your primary goal is to ensure exceptional patient care. However, managing billing and revenue cycles can become quite time-consuming and complex. That’s where HMS USA steps in with our geriatric billing services. Our geriatric billing experts will help you streamline your revenue cycle and boost profits.
We at HMS USA are committed to making claim processing seamless. Our top priority is to identify and resolve any potential issues promptly. Hence making sure you receive timely reimbursements.
Geriatric billing

Ease Your Geriatric Billing Journey With Our Expert Guidance

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At HMS USA, we offer a wide range of geriatric billing services. Our goal is straightforward: we want to help you increase revenue and lighten your administrative workload. Dealing with geriatric billing can be complex, but worry not! We’ve crafted personalized billing solutions tailored to your requirements.

Here are some of the services we provide

Geriatric billing
Geriatric billing

Claims Submission and

Accurate claims submission and timely payments are crucial to ensure you receive reimbursements. And that’s where our expert geriatric billing services come in. We take care of all the nitty-gritty details, so you can forget about worrying about claim denials. We also follow up with your insurance providers to ensure smooth reimbursement.

Patient Billing and

We handle all aspects of patient billing and collections to ensure that you receive timely payment for your services. Our geriatric billing professionals handle invoicing, payment processing, and collections, so you can focus on providing high-quality patient care. We also provide regular reporting to inform you about your accounts receivable status.

Streamlined Revenue
Cycle Operations

Our billing specialists take advantage of cutting-edge tactics to boost your bottom line and lighten administrative burdens. We algorithmically track the ebbs and flows of revenue so you seize every cent due for services rendered, giving you a solid financial footing at all times.

Hassle free Credentialing

With an ever-changing regulatory landscape, managing the enrollment process with insurance providers can be a complex task. Luckily, HMS USA is here to make it easier! Our team of dedicated professionals takes care of credentialing and re-credentialing so that you don’t have to worry about enrollments or staying compliant. We keep up with industry regulations on your behalf – helping you maintain peace of mind in today’s fast-paced world.

Compliance and Auditing

Ensuring that billing processes comply with industry regulations is crucial for minimizing legal and financial risks. Our team works with you to ensure that your billing processes always comply with industry regulations. We provide auditing services to identify potential risk areas and recommend solutions to mitigate those risks. We also keep track of regulatory changes to ensure that your practice is always up-to-date with industry standards.

Elevate Your Geriatric Practice's Financial Stability with Professional Billing Solutions

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Geriatric healthcare providers understand the importance of billing services that are accurate, timely, and efficient. Billing is a complex process requiring significant attention to detail and can overwhelm many providers. Here are the benefits of partnering with HMS USA for geriatric billing services:

Here are the benefits of partnering with HMS USA for geriatric billing services:

Improved Revenue Cycle Management
With HMS USA’s comprehensive billing services, healthcare providers can improve their revenue cycle management by optimizing billing processes, identifying potential risk areas, and implementing practical solutions. Our team of geriatric billing professionals stays up-to-date on the latest healthcare regulations and guidelines, ensuring that claims are submitted accurately and on time.

Reduced Administrative Burden
Managing billing processes can be time-consuming and distracting, removing providers from providing patient care. Outsourcing geriatric billing to HMS USA allows healthcare providers to reduce their administrative burden, freeing up valuable time and resources to improve patient care and staff training.

Proficiency in Medical Billing for Medicare and Medicaid
At HMS USA, we understand the complexity of navigating Medicare and Medicaid billing regulations. We are here to make sure your geriatric healthcare organization accurately and timely reimbursed – because what matters most to you, also matters most to us! Our experts know how to handle nitty gritty details of regulation adherence.

Transform Your Revenue with Customized Billing Solutions

At HMS USA, our personalized geriatric billing solutions are tailored to fit the individual requirements of your practice. From sole practitioners to large healthcare organizations we have a team prepared to collaborate with you and create an efficient system beyond even your own expectations.

Comprehensive Billing Services

HMS USA offers a wide range of billing services to meet the needs of geriatric healthcare providers, including claims submission and follow-up, patient billing and collections, revenue cycle management, credentialing and enrollment, and compliance and auditing services.

Geriatric billing

Quality and Accuracy: The Foundations of Our Geriatric Billing Solutions

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At HMS USA, our primary goal is to go above and beyond in providing top-notch geriatric billing services that genuinely exceed our client’s expectations. We uphold strong values and are determined to provide excellent service.

Our services include:

medical front office assistant

 Integrity: Fostering fairness, honesty, and transparency.

Medical Billing Audits

Excellence: Deliver timely, accurate, and efficient billing services that exceed client expectations.

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Collaboration: Work closely with clients to understand their needs and provide personalized solutions

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Innovation: Constantly innovate and improve services to streamline processes, reduce administrative burdens, and maximize revenue.

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Professionalism: Maintain the highest standards of conduct and provide outstanding customer service.

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As geriatric practitioners, we know managing your billings is difficult. Our specialized geriatric billing services can ensure accurate claims submission and timely payments. Let HMS support your elderly practice toward the path to success. Let us help your practice thrive with our specialized geriatric billing services. Contact us today and see the results firsthand.
Geriatric billing

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