Provider Credentialing and Enrollment Services

Insurance credentialing is a complex as well as significant task. Get it done easily

HMS is the leading provider of credentialing services.
We help our clients streamline provider enrollment and manage provider data

HMS is the nation's leading provider of credentialing services, delivering immediate and accurate information when and where it's needed

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We help health systems and providers ensure they’re receiving the maximum reimbursement for the care they provide. Our credentialing services are trusted by some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world. Our provider credentialing experts help reduce credentialing time by up to 30%. Partnering with us enables you to achieve revenue faster. Our credentialing team takes care of compliance requirements and does proper follow-ups to ensure a smooth enrollment process. The early your credentialing and enrollment process completes, will attract the more patients to your practice

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HMS helps healthcare providers to enroll with insurance companies. In addition, the patients can pay for the physician services through their insurance plan. Similarly, care providers receive payment for their services through insurance companies. Therefore, it is important to get
enrollment with payers. When you enroll with more payers, your number of patients and cash inflows increase. 
Our eligibility verification services enable practitioners to know patient insurance and allow patients to utilize payment plans accordingly. You must enroll with more than one payer to avoid a potential patient.

We offer credentialing services for physicians, practitioners, specialists, and other care providers