Why Outsource

Increase Revenue and Reduce cost

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Benefits of outsourcing: 

Outsourcing billing services always remains costs in a limit since you save all the potential expenses you will have to pay on billing staff, extra space to accommodate them, and other wellbeing costs as well. Under the latest black book survey, approximately 50-60% of practices contemplating outsourcing billing to a third party. This page can serve as an excellent guide for opting for the best medical billing company for your practice.

Less to manage:  

There are no specific staffing or administrative expenses as opposed to in-house building.

More focus on patient care:

You are prevailed upon to spend more time on what you do the best, patient care. Physicians cannot be capable enough of furnishing excellent patient care if they are mentally disabled by the finances of running a practice. 


You do not need to pay hidden expenses or start-up costs and costly expenses on hardware and software.

Improved performance:

We offer a comprehensive service that focuses on maximizing your collection that will quickly increase your revenue. Generally, our clients observe a 20 to 30% increment in net collections within six months.

Reducing denial rates:

Our advanced claim reviewer is efficient in finding out billing errors before entry that significantly reduces denial rates. We investigate and appeal denied and misjudged claims and take responsibility for communication with patients.



Tailored to your needs 


HMS USA is aware of the fact that all the practices are not the same. We furnish expert physicians with a solution tailor-made to meet the individual needs of your course.


Personalized assistance:

Our staff is firmly devoted to serving our clients anytime. All our clients are assigned their unique designated account executives, affording the comfort and security of working with the aid of a representative who is quite familiar with your practice and skill. On account of the guidance provided by our staff, you are through every step of implementation and frequent performance updates.


Access to reporting:

Comprehending your practices' financial performance can be daunting. To cope with the challenge, the HMS USA billing service affords you advanced financial and practice analysis tools that have been mainly designed to give you excellent visibility into your operations at the click of a button.


Ensure billing compliance:

Health care is an everlasting industry so is the billing. One of the many reasons that make medical billing a challenge is keeping up with the modifications in payer policy. We ably take care of the compliance.



HMS USA service provides reports that get enhanced in number as your practice grows. You can have access to a plethora of information currently available, as well as the customization reports that substitute the static words generated by general billing software.  


Reporting proficiencies are focused on enhancing your bottom line and affording revenue control back to practice. 


Improves patient satisfaction: 


Lessening the burden put on your front office staff by outsourcing can enhance productivity, efficiency, and employee morale. It can also scale up patient satisfaction by improving patient flow.


HMS USA billing services help to create good business sense and also provide you with mental satisfaction and a significant reduction in day-to-day hassles related to systems, billing, insurance, and employee-related apprehensions and obligations. Our billing service enhances financial performance.