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Vaccine Management

Reopening the World- Safely


Efficient, Intuitive, and secure to help manage,
administer and outreach patients at scale.

Vaccine Management System

Optimizing Capacity,
Governance and Compliance

The success rate or probability of immunization of patients counts greatly on a continuous supply of efficient working vaccines at a reasonable cost. A plethora of patients can be effectively cured with the aid of vaccines, and therefore a sound vaccine management system is required.  We aim to provide an immaculate vaccine management system to cater to the needs of our patients. HUMS USA is a centralized and efficient vaccine system that can assist the state and head officials in distributing and expedite the vaccination process at a large scale.  We have designed a great solution to afford real-time access to the administration handling to undertake successful health campaigns and distribution efforts.


Patient Outreach

Our vaccine management system makes the community privileged and engaged with text and important notifications. Moreover, it sends the patients reminders of doze notifications that are extremely helpful to the patients and keeps track of any adverse event and probable recalls.

Eligibility & Check In

Our system is equipped with pre-arrival health screening facilities and can seize electronic consent and figure out eligibility

Online Appointments

It also enables the patients to contact without recourse to a wired connection via QR codes. They can also have self-service on-demand from the management. Online appointments can also be scheduled while precisely retaining site inventory for the probable patient volume.

One-Click Documentation

Patients have the option and are encouraged to save their precious time with the help of template-induced documentation to meet their health needs.

Autonomous Billing

Our system also provides autonomous billing that saves time by automatically processing and submitting electronic claims when the administration workflow accomplishes.

Registry Reporting

Registry reporting atomizes automatic registry submission to express immunization registries at a national level.

Inventory Management

Our system precisely predicts the demand and continuously manages supply to ensure availability, cuts down the amount of waste, and avoids extra supplies.

Outcome Monitoring

The system we have provided possesses a remarkable ability to artistically design and commence vaccine program surveys and convey precise and automated responses.

Localization Support

HMS USA can be curtailed, translated, and can be made at hand across the globe in every country. We encourage you to contact our specialist about your localized needs

Fast Track Implementation to Outreach, Administer, Manage and Bill

A great solution to undertake operations efficiently and is also safe to assist, handle, and outreach many patients. Simplifies the medical experience of the patient along with expeditiously automating with a universally renowned health IT leader. Timely online scheduling, inventory management, registry reporting, and billing. Our vaccine system enables us to track and save patient registration, outreach, billing outreach, registry reporting, and monitory outcomes.

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