Creating and backing up the culture of compliance:

At HMS USA, we are resolved to enhance overall organizational effectiveness by prompting mutual respect trust, and authority.. 

Security and observance play the most significant role in our operations done globally and we constantly strive to better and refine our controls to secure client data in varying health-industry.

Your Healthcare Business Associate

We give value and security to your data. Since you trust your important data, we conform to the following industry standards.

Proactive Education and Training

The strategy we have devised spans from US and remote offices in different cities. HMS USA provides certification and awareness to every employee.

Policies & Procedures

We have written HIPPA policies and methods in plain and simple language to facilitate easy comprehension in safeguarding PHI under the privacy and security codes of conduct

Routine Network Risk Assessments

HMS USA department works closely with our security and privacy officers to assist in ensuring HIPPA compliance in the development and promulgation of administrative, technical, and physical protections in the protection of ePHI.


Internal Auditing & Reporting

Our HIPPA strategy comprises audits and constant and regular risk analysis to curtail responsibilities/ liabilities and preserve PHI, along with an inner compliance reporting system.

Obtaining HIPAA Satisfactory Assurance from Subcontractors

We rack up Business Associate Agreements with any outsider whether it be a person or a company that interacts with safeguarded health information.


HIPAA Certification

HMS USA conforms to data security and privacy standards and conducts scribed in the health insurance portability and Accountability Act and Omnibus rules.

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