Modifying the way you outsource revenue cycle management

Unfortunately, the method used to RCM is not appropriate so not working. The number of healthcare leaders considering outsourcing increases but organizations are quite dissatisfied and continue to report bad experiences with the vendor. Nowadays, firms supplying full revenue cycle outsourcing are decreasing.


We assure a 10% increment in your cash flow. If increment does not come out, we will return 10% of your invoice.


Your leading towards an optimized revenue cycle:

Ranging from clinical coding counseling to eClinicalWorks streamlining, our specialists drive functional efficiencies across the income cycle. We join EHR optimization, medical education, and execution counseling to engage medical care pioneers to concentrate in addition on development and less on the intricacies of RCM..

“Unlike other RCM vendors that may demand a fixed cost, HMS USA is quite different in this matter. We partner with our clients amicably and only get paid the justified fee when money has been gathered. We possess a partner service model permitting us to purvey a dedicated and hardworking team with a wide range of expertise to educate and guide you through a quickly changing healthcare panorama from the 1st day.”

George M Varkarakis MD, PA

Plastic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. (Miami, Florida)

Advanced Electronic Health Record Software

With HMS USA’s ClincialWorks fine electronic health record services and facilities, you should feel assured in your capability to get maximum EHR ROI. .

Patient Engagement

With HMS USA, patients are likely to enjoy an exemplary approach to personal health information, visit summaries, lab reports, and much more with the healow app and the patient portal.


Expand your medical approach and save precious time traveling between facilities, cut short unnecessary admissions or readmissions and refrain from superfluous transfers to another facility.

Device combination:

Catch organized and structured data for current and previous or past results, complete trend analysis, and develop flowsheets that lead towards enhanced patient care all within your browser.

Your Revenue-------Maximized:

An efficient revenue cycle is based on authorization, education, and awareness. At HMS USA, we are redefining the revenue management cycle by actively looking into workflows and indicators that show performance that is most related to your revenue.


Clinical Coding

Figure out risks and curtail the revenue cycle and bring more improvements with clinical documentation knowledge.

Patient Pay

Execute a combination of present-day technologies and methodologies to gather patient payments quicker.

AR & Denial Management

Initiate recovering handsome revenue with our authorized resolution system. We manage the requests and track the trends that can forestall future withholding.

Care Analytics

Use data to maximum advantage to get deep insight about analyzing KPIs, speed up operational efficiencies, and identify fresh revenue opportunities.

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