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Public Health

Public Health
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Public Health EHR Features

State and Federal Reporting

Top-notch reporting equipped with advanced techniques and business intelligence and prowess give rise to exemplary reporting and also affords data visualization capabilities to our public health agencies.

Income Based Program & Templates

The eligibility status of the patient along with programs that are applicable to a patient can also be identified easily. Health templates are available for family planning, STD, TB, Epidemiology, Behavioral Health, Cancer Screening, Immunization, and more, moreover, these templates can also be customized.

Advanced Scheduling

HMS USA offers reason-based appointment capability. Moreover, its customizable calendars assist to manage clinical availability for effective and capable scheduling.

Sliding Fee Scale

This system also allows the management of poverty directions. instructions and monitor sliding income thresholds and track regional discounts. We also afford the option of setting assessment renewal dates, maximum cash limits, and adjustments.

Inventory Management

Merge inventory operations with a workflow-driven system to quickly and promptly manage quantities, reorder supplies in no time, and always possess the right amount of available inventory.

Labs, HIE’s & Registries

You can also dispatch and receive orders electronically thereby eliminating the hassle and nuisance of paperwork. Moreover, you are able to compare current and the former results with the help of trend reports and get notified on critical outcomes to afford the top-notch quality of care.

Case Management

Keep all the data and information centralized ( controlled by a single authority) and have the access to a comprehensive view of the patient's health status and development while getting the privilege of our self-generated clinical critical notifications and reporting proficiencies. With the aid of built-in forms of risk assessment, enable your staff to do the best for the patient's care.

Electronic Health Records

It enables the smooth exchange of information across multiple platforms, corporations, and systems that manipulates top-notch collaboration, great input, and patient safety. HER helps to simplify decision-making and smoothens the operations and ensures adherence- preserves a lot of time and effort to enhance value and returns to great limits.

Better Coding

Faster Collections

Higher Productivity

Optimize Collaboration


Ensure Compliance

Practice Management

HMS USA affords great medical services in order to improvise you regarding your medical need. While it is a greatly competitive age of medical practice, we still ensure our patients to provide with quality services they need as well as assisting you to stay ahead of compliance requirements.

Medical Billing

Our team is quite careful and serious in billing operations. Having years of a pleasant experience, our team works round the clock to scale up your revenue and speed up collections. We have dedicated teams that ensure you follow up on unpaid claims, whilst assisting you to keep a close eye on the financial health of your medical practice via detailed reports such as A/R aging, recompense by the carrier, source-specific productivity reports, and more! .


Customer Retention


Clean Claim Rate


Increase in cash collections


Decrease in cost to collect

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