Dr. Tariq Shahab is a famed and dexterous cardiologist who has served a plethora of heart patients up till now. He has gained significant spotlight with his abilities as a cardiologist in Northern Virginia. He offers various types of assistances with respect to cardiology and heart problems.  

He has also used the service of HMS and praised the quality vehemently. He articulated that HMS USA has the ability to cater all the billing and credential needs of the clients professionally. Moreover, he declared its coding and billing services exemplary.

The Challenge

Dr. Tariq Shahab really set in stone to additionally foster practice usefulness and augmentation groupings. Similarly as different chips away at, submitting fitting cases was a test that sabotaged the pay cycle results.

Tariq Shahab fought to find qualified work and keeping in mind that pondering the overall cost of in-house versus reconsidered clinical charging, the upsides of re-appropriating offset the challenges related with managing an in-house gathering of clinical charging subject matter experts.

Having a particular record administrator who speaks with us routinely is actually the way to ensuring that everything moves along as planned. 

Mr. Tariq Shahab has highly recommended the billing service of HMS by praising that they are highly able to cater to all your billing needs and credential issues professionally. Moreover, HMS is highly capable of collecting money with any problem out and out. According to him, HMS USA provides the best services for billing and coding work.

Tariq Sahab MD,

The Challenge

Tariq Shahab was searching for a reevaluated RCM firm that gave clinical charging aptitude as well as worked in eClinicalWorks clinical charging.  

Today, HMS USA has assisted Tariq Shahab with making efficiencies by fostering an adaptable income cycle the executives association that fits the requirements of Tariq Shahab training.

By joining forces with HMS USA, Tariq Shahab has had the option to gather more income at a quicker rate and investigate new consideration conveyance alternatives like telemedicine. Tariq Shahab has seen a 2% expansion in quarter over quarter changes and keeps on seeing an increment in both gross assortments and guarantee usefulness.

David Peters, CEO of Ho’ola Lahui Hawaii, says there are less cerebral pains since they’ve banded together with HMS USA. “Not any more awakening in the night which is a major alleviation,” said David.  

Gross Collection Rate Increase


Expansion in Quarter-Over-Quarter Charges