Dr. Mohammad Khalid


Dr. Mohammad Khalid is an internal medicine specialist having a vast experience. He has been also practicing for the last 35 years. He used the services of HMS and is highly satisfied with quality and professionalism of the service they afforded. He applauded the services by saying that HMS has a deep understanding of the contracts between the patients and insurance companies. He further goes saying that HMS saves the precious money of the practitioner.

As the gathering at Mohammad Khalid expected to broaden, they saw a prerequisite for capable organizations to help with social affair the hoarding striking pay. Preceding teaming up with HMS USA RCM, Mohammad Khalid managed the clinical charging inside. To scale for improvement, Mohammad Khalid went to HMS USA RCM to additionally foster the records receivables and work on all things.

Education: MBBS, Cardiology

Positions: Surgeon

Departments: Anesthesiology

Work Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday