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We make chasing every dollar possible

Current clinical billing requires various cycles, technologies, point by point investigation and is made to be just about as complicated as could be expected.  We recuperate income with a deliberate, individualized denial procedure that drives quantifiable monetary improvement.

Through demonstrated work processes, point-by-point performance detailing, and steady observing, our denial experts can seek after each dollar while your staff devotes less time to billing activities.


  • Insurance Eligibility Certification
  • Claim Submission EDI
  • Patient Statement Services
  • Medical Coding Consulting
  • Clearinghouse Edits
  • Claim Reclamation
  • Custom Rules Engine reviews
  • Proprietary Denial resolution strategy

Remove manual processes for quicker payments

Accomplishing the most limited assortment time frame possible means completely improving the elements and computerization abilities accessible in eClinicalWorks. Manual cycles can frequently prompt convenient documenting and missed income. Carrying out automation claims and smoothing out the correspondence among suppliers and clinical coders makes claim submission speedier for quicker installments.


of denials are avoidable.

2 out of 3

denials can be recovered.


*Source: Becker’s Hospital Review, May 2018

four coworkers looking graphs and data on a lap top

Refrain denials with clinical coding practices and claim review.

Persistent changes to clinical billing and coding can make claims management appear to be unthinkable. HMS USA’s Certified Professional Coders use insight in over 30+ specialties and sub-fortes to give a scope of clinical coding and evaluating administrations to help with documentation, charge catch, and denial management. At HMS USA, we're looking into each guarantee and teaching suppliers on clinical coding and documentation best practices to guarantee consistency and clean cases.

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Practice Performance Report

Overall and comprehensive reporting to identify trends

As a feature of HMS USA’s all denial management strategy, we persistently screen all points of the claim cycle including charges, installments, contractual adjustments, benefits, and terrible debt adjustments. Through continuous checking and detailing, we're ready to discover and fix issues influencing the claim cycle rapidly.


The Future Ready RCM.

Conventional clinical billing completely fails to think forward and advanced. The fate or futurity of medical care is changing and those that lead it need better avenues to coordinate information and normalize measures that length the whole claims lifecycle. That is the reason HMS USA has renovated the income cycle to enhance income execution for later and in the future.

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