Chronic Care Management

We are a full-service chronic care management company that partners with health plans, and physician groups to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs..

A leading provider of chronic care management,
HMS offers solutions that improve patient outcomes
and reduce costs.

What is a chronic care management program?

A chronic care management system requires verbal consent for enrollment. The patient has to check the program’s eligibility with the physician and can cancel registration at any time.

HMS offers a scalable and easy-to-use secure and user-friendly interface. Our Chronic care management software and proper training help providers improve patient outcomes. We offer HIPPA-compliant and patient-centric software that acts as an advance level technological solution to meet your requirements completely. We help physicians to allow Chronic care management services to their patients. We help you in optimising medical chronic care management reimburse, ensuring seamless workflow.

A leading provider of chronic care management, HMS offers solutions that improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Chronic care management program

We own a team of multilingual coordinators and a specialised chronic care management program. By partnering with HMS, we enable you to manage chronically ill patients, handle their specific goals, to overcome barriers to providing efficient patient care. Our care manager assists patients and practices with scheduling appointments, prescription refilling and supporting self-management. He will assist you in creating a care plan, addressing concerns related to health and tracking the progress during a monthly phone calls. Patients can communicate any issue they are experiencing or their health concerns.

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Add Heading

He will note down all the healthcare conditions and update the care plan. The data record help care provider to go through latest insights, so that they can maintain high quality healthcare even when patient is not visiting their office. It is also helpful in predictive care, as healthcare provider will observe the pattern of your ongoing health conditions and react in timely manner. The process helps in reducing the chances of emergency. They can provide the record on demand. The record is helpful for patients if he is interested in taking second opinion.

HMS helps providers to attain recognition and improved reimbursements through its scalable software
and multilingual coordinators.