HMS USA, is committed to enabling medical practitioners to simplify the business of medicine and billing.
We offer an integrated and comprehensive solution that brings precise data, efficient claim handling, aging  reports, and performance consulting for a revenue cycle.

We have been leading the industry and contributing towards implementing technology to ramp up the revenue cycle management process.

As we have spent more than 25 years in the healthcare reimbursement and technology industry, we have born and adopted the gigantic changes according to The Affordable Care Act, ICD-10, It indicates that we love to adopt changes and are never reluctant to repel them. We are entrepreneurs by instinct and we still are today. We depend upon the Entrepreneurial operating system to run our business efficiently. We have always been motivated and inspired by change, we commit to ameliorate ourselves in order that we can provide more value to our customers. By performing such essentials, we believe that we can build happier and healthier communities that better the standard of life globally.



Our core purpose is to improve the quality of life.


To create more opportunities and enhance growth for employees, communities, and those that we serve.


Simplify the Business of Medicine.

Our aim is to improve our services with time so that our clients can get better services. Therefore, we foster innovation, modernize processes so that each and every client can grow rapidly

Our Values

To create a pleasant environment of working, we promote and love encourage mutual regard and respect, transparency, and compliance. When these exalted codes of ethics and behaviors are combined with the high values of fulfillment, expertise, and teamwork, the foundation of HMS USA is formed.



In pursuance of our mission, we are quite optimistic and aspiring. We always keep our promises and words as we are passionate about our work. Despite difficulties, we are determined to cope with all problems and always chase our targets.



We act aspiringly and curiously to find the solution to new problems. We gently accept highly advanced technology and new ideas. We leverage our knowledge and expertise to subdue challenges.



Our output is always greater than the input. We are accustomed to communicating with confidence, integrity, and humbleness. Moreover, we are easily approachable, co-operative and honest. We show readiness in admitting mistakes and learn new by taking risks.


For Quick Response

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At HMS USA, we have been in search of competent, open-minded, aspiring, and energetic leaders to join our team so that we can grow equally. To serve this purpose, we offer a variety of career paths and professions in IT healthcare, IT billing, and businesses while improving the environment of continuous learning and growth.

I have been working with HMS for the last year. We have observed top-notch expertise and responsiveness in work. We have got increased reimbursements for insurances and also their authorization service is very good. We resolved all the issues related to privileges and enrollment in a friendly way with the help of hospitals and insurances. Owing to its performance and mind-blowing benefits, I vouch for HMS USA billing services. George M Varkarakis MD, PA Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. (Miami, Florida)
George M Varkarakis
George M Varkarakis George M Varkarakis MD, PA