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Healthcare Back-Office Staffing

Healthcare is innovating rapidly. HMS USA purveys virtual healthcare backing office training solutions to assist health systems and physician groups diminish costs, enhance efficiencies and be many patients focused.


  • Patient services call center
  • Medical Coding Services
  • Custom Reports & Dashboards
  • Medical Claims Processing
  • Payment Posting
  • Revenue Cycle Management

  1. Actual bottom-line results

    Amalgamate our proven efficient practices, results, and single denial procedures to get more financial improvement. 


  3. Smoothly scale for growth

    Rack up approach matter experts and professional services that rule across the entire revenue cycle management process.


Healthcare back-office solutions you can have trust on

In the contemporary age, the digital environment provides strong capabilities but also it fetches about new challenges in security and compliance fields.

At HMS USA, security and compliance, authorization plays a significant role in world operations and we persist to develop and clear our controls to rack up client information in ever innovating healthcare industry. 

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HMS Team

Almost a year has passed working with HMS USA. We have noticed excellent efficiency and responsiveness in work. They have enhanced our reimbursements for insurances, and also their authorization service is excellent. We amicably settled all our privileges and enrollment issues with the aid of hospitals and insurances. Because of its performance and amazing benefits, I vehemently recommend HMS USA billing services.”

Jason Alexander, Chief Executive Officer
George M Varkarakis MD, PA Plastic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. (Miami, Florida)

A Complete variety of Healthcare Back-Office assistance

Today, more medical services pioneers go too far off staffing for administrative center capacities to lessen expenses and enhance incomes. Our special blend of eClinicalWorks and clinical billing ability joined with a total scope of medical services administrative center help makes us a trusted leader for medical services associations little and gigantic.

HMS USA’s variety of back-office assistance resources

  • faster payment icon
    • Faster Payments

      Better payment speed by partnering with HMS USA for fleeting or long-term claims processing services to make sure patient claims are submitted promptly.

  • stronger compliance icon
    • Better compliance:

      Refrain from deferred payments and ensure precise and ethical medical coding practices with the aid of certified and professional coders.

  • icon-financial-contribution

    • Lessened costs:

      Make sure to partner with HMS USA to achieve an approach to a highly adept team of revenue cycle management experts without the extra costs linked with in-house staff. 


Implement a combination of modern day technologies and strategies to collect patient payments faster.

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AR & Denial Management

Start recovering revenue with our proprietary denial resolution system. We handle the appeals and track the trends that can prevent future denials.

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Denial Management

Clinical Coding

Figure out risks and curtail the revenue cycle and bring more improvements with clinical documentation knowledge.

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Clinical Coding

HealthCare Analytics

Use data to maximum advantage to get deep insight about analyzing KPIs, speed up operational efficiencies, and identify fresh revenue opportunities.

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HealthCare Analytics

Professional Services

We have decided on an end-to-end RCM solution that is proven and does not compromise customer service for automation. Rather, we persist to innovate, add value and increase your RCM ROI with our Client Success Team model

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Professional Services

Success Stories

We feel exalted and proud to partner with health care leaders aimed towards shaping the future of care delivery. Learn how we are developing authentic revenue with an end-to-end RCM solution.

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Inculcate yourself that how HMS USA’s remote-back office and far-off solutions can rapidly and smoothly combine into your practice and maket it better.

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