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Excel in the age of healthcare Reimbursement

It is quite evident that the healthcare process has changed a lot. Since administrative responsibilities and financial pressures and burdens tend to go up continually, physician groups require a trusted and expert revenue cycle partner to lead them swiftly changing Healthcare panorama.    

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  1. check markMODERNIZE Patient Pay

    You can rely upon us to furnish you with the most modern tools for patient pay as 30% of the average healthcare bill is now gets paid from the patient's pocket. 


  3. check markCollect more & in a swift way

    It is optimum that 75% of the total A/R should be less than 90 days. We feature a dynamic receivables technique that is more efficient than any practice o collect faster and more.

Robust proof for your future practice

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Gain Control

We offer a concentrated, integrated solution that provides transparency and preciseness that healthcare leaders require to report upshots and make informed decisions.

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Expand your business

Get expert and experienced insights that assist you to grow and scale your business. Rely on a team of HMS experts for guidance answers as you plan for the future.

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Make codes with confidence

You can warrant precise and ethical medical coding practices with the aid of certified and professional coders and consultants.

Your Day 1 Partner

Unlike other RCM vendors that may demand a fixed cost, HMS USA is quite different in this matter. We partner with our clients amicably and only get paid the justified fee when money has been gathered. We possess a partner service model permitting us to purvey a dedicated and hardworking team with a wide range of expertise to educate and guide you through a quickly changing healthcare panorama from the 1st day.

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I have been working with HMS for the last year. We have observed top-notch expertise and responsiveness in work. We have got increased reimbursements for insurances and also their authorization service is very good. We resolved all the issues related to privileges and enrollment in a friendly way with the help of hospitals and insurances. Owing to its performance and mind-blowing benefits, I vouch for HMS USA billing services. check markCOLLECT MORE AND IN A SWIFT WAY
George M Varkarakis MD, PA
George M Varkarakis MD, PA Plastic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. (Miami, Florida)
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HMS Employees TEAM 2021

The HMS USA Difference

We adopt changes and innovations if needed and we are not reluctant to have them. We have been contributing to implementing and introducing new technology to ramp up the revenue cycle management process. Nowadays, the future of healthcare motivates us to improve ourselves and services in order that we can create more prestige for our customers

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