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A comprehensive solution built with Ambulatory networks in perception

The system of healthcare is developing and changing rapidly. The contemporary hospital and health system networks need an overall but flexible methodology to stay competitive. .

Rack up the support you need to:

  • Acquire and fain control
  • Preserve precious time
  • Cut costs
  • Ramp up profits and revenues
  • Yardstick for growth
  • Boost output



    To figure out and solve problems and bugs quickly necessitates some standardized processes across your network. We will amalgamate our proven best practices and strategies and conduct training sessions and development to assure complete adoption and standardization. 



    We use revenue cycle management automation to support our solutions and make them easy, not replace them. Tasks that require passion and devotion are left for people and we automate processes that assist in reducing errors and bugs to save time and achieve better results.

Enterprise Analytics

Use data to maximum advantage for smarter decision marking

Get operational and fiscal management insights to assist hospitals and health systems gauge and manage ambulatory networks. Turnkey panel and easy one-off reports make it easy to hold data and analytics for planned and tactical decision-making.


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SOC 2 and HIPAA Compliance

We have a 25+ year history and experience of developing and ameliorating our controls to preserve client data in the ever-challenging healthcare industry.

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Specifically designed RCM consulting

Nowadays as the burden gets enhanced, healthcare leaders are facing great pressure to better their performance with limited resources. Give us a chance to furnish you with the extended and comprehensive business support and guidance you require to ameliorate revenue cycle management outcomes.

HMS USA success teams aim to come up with variegated and in-depth experience to deliver specifically designed counseling to assist your organization to succeed.

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Almost a year has passed working with HMS USA. We have noticed excellent efficiency and responsiveness in work. They have enhanced our reimbursements for insurances, and also their authorization service is excellent. We amicably settled all our privileges and enrollment issues with the aid of hospitals and insurances. Because of its performance and amazing benefits, I vehemently recommend HMS USA billing services."

Jason Alexander, Chief Executive Officer
George M Varkarakis MD, PA Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. (Miami, Florida)

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