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Customer Success

AdvanceMD Medical Billing Success Stories

HMS USA has given clinical charging administrations to medical services centers across the U.S. for more than 25 years. Today, we offer a Client Success Team to assist our clients with making monstrous progress.

HMS USA core team is the base of their support and they continue to impress our staff with their ability to address all of our concerns, even those outside the scope of billing."
George M Varkarakis MD, PA
George M Varkarakis MD, PA Plastic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon. (Miami, Florida)
Female Doctor in Scrubs

Your Success is Our Success

Regardless of whether you need a clinical charging administration or a transitory AdvanceMD mentor, our groups are prepared to help. Hear how we've assisted practices with preferring yours make progress.

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HMS USA team 2021

More joyful when we're making a difference.

The sensation of imparted achievement and collaboration to our customers gets us up in the first part of the day and has controlled a culture based on satisfaction, creativity, and cooperation for more than 25 years.

We blossom with change and realize that by joining forces with medical services pioneers to assemble more imaginative, effective, and beneficial income cycles we also are building more joyful and better networks that work on personal satisfaction internationally.

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